Flexible Graphite Rings


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Flexible Graphite Rings

The life out of the ring-that is why we pre-form. We put compressibility and resilience into each ring and that is what makes the difference. When you receive a pre-formed ring from SEPCO®, it still has 15% to 20% compressibility left in it. As you install the ring, it is only necessary to tighten the packing until a seal is affected, which leaves considerable life in the ring for future adjustments. The extra care we take makes the difference.


For clearance a greater than .020 between stem and stuffing box, SEPCO® suggests braided carbon packing rings on Top and Bottom of stuffing box as an anti-extrusion rings.

  • Individually formed to meet your specific dimensions.
  • Slight interference fit to bore and stem to insure a tight seal.
  • Less waste that conventional coils of packing.
  • No need to pull old packing out. Simply add ring when needed