Graphite Packing


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Graphite Packing

Construcción: Trenzado Multi-Lok


Valve Stem Packing is a homogenous flexible graphite yarn bonded to a high temperature carrier for strength and thermal stability. Flexible Graphite has long been the valve stem packing of choice to the valve manufacturers involving high temperature and pressures, steam, and applications which require low fugitive emissions.


A Multi Lok construction of Braided Flexible Graphite. 
Recommended for rotating shafts where high shaft speed and thermal conductivity is needed. 

Limitations: Shaft speed to 4000 fpm, temperatures to +850 degrees F / +455 degrees C, pH range 0-14.Temperatures to +1200 degrees F / +650 degrees C in steam. 
Pressures to 4500 psi steam service.