Flexible Graphite Gaskets


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Flexible Graphite Gaskets

The Flexible Graphite Gaskets 

  • Leak free performance at moderate bolt loads
  • No cold flow or creep
  • Precision bolt tightening unnecessary
  • No flange sticking

If surfaces are maintained flat within 0.005 inches, and are held to a surface finish of 125 RMS or better, Flexible Graphite gaskets will seal hydrostatic pressures as shown on the graph, “Leak Pressure vs. Gasket Unit Load for Flexible Graphite Gaskets.” For example, a Net Unit Load of 7,000 psi (see dashed line on chart), will seal up to 3.150 psi water pressure.


M factor - 2 Functional Temperature Range (Oxidizing Atmosphere) °F -400 TO F4**
Y stress PSI 900 Thermal Conductivity at RT
Maximum Gasket Load PSI 24,000* Through Thickness BTU/HR/FT2/°F/FT 3
Maximum Operating Pressure PSI 10,000* Radially " 100
Functional Temperature Range
(Neutral or Reducing Atmosphere)
°F -400 TO 3000*
Electrical Conductivity Radially Ohm-cm 4.6 X 104
*Where higher operating levels are contemplated, consult with our Technical Service Department.
**The fluid temperature may considerably exceed 850°F providing that the bulk temperature of the Flexible Graphite gasket is 850°F or below or
that the fluid being handled does not come into direct contact with the graphite. Example: a metal spiral-wound gasket with a Flexible Graphite
filler material.