PTFE Expandable tape


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Tetracord PTFE which has an adhesive backing for easy installation, is soft and flexible so it handles curves and contours.  It is sold in continuous cord form  so you only cut off what you need each time. Installation takes only minutes and removalof the  sealant is simple and involves no scraping, which saves downtime and money.


The PTFE Tetracord can be used in virtually any gasketing application, including domes, transmissions cases, towers, solar heaters, flanges, tanks, reactor vessels, digesters, manways, evaporators, columns, glass joints, ducts, drum lids, pump, heat exchangers, points, portholes, sight glasses and compressor housings.

Tetracord is also recommended for heavy duty applications such as  high pressure steam turbine housings and fragile glass joints.


The SEPCO Tetracord gasketing material is made from 100% pure PTFE. It has excellent chemical resistance to many acids, alkalis, salts and organic chemicals. It is also  asbestos-free, non-toxic and non-containing, so it is a good sealent choice for food, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics applications. 

Temperature range:
Up to 600 ° F

PH range:
O-14 (all fluids except free fluorine and molten alkali metals).

Up to 300 PSI